William Hanney JR. (RIN: 0023), son of William HANNEY and Hannah CLEVES , was born 06 January 1841 in Broad Vale Farm, Stanton Drew, Somerset, England. He married Sarah Barrett WARREN 28 December 1863 in Sacramento, California. He died 14 January 1920 in Knights Landing, Yolo County, California. Sarah Barrett WARREN (RIN: 0024), daughter of William WARREN and Sarah Ann BARRETT , was born 08 April 1844 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. She died 21 July 1936 in Knights Landing, Yolo County, California.

Children of William Hanney JR. and Sarah Barrett WARREN are:
1. Hannah HANNEY (RIN: 0022), b. 20 October 1872 See Clarence Edward OGDEN & Hannah HANNEY
2. Sarah HANNEY (RIN: 0025), b. 08 June 1870 See Inman TUCKER & Sarah HANNEY
3. Emma HANNEY (RIN: 0026), b. 01 April 1876
4. Mary (Mame) HANNEY (RIN: 0027), b. 08 June 1878 See Louis LADUE & Mary (Mame) HANNEY
5. William Warren HANNEY (RIN: 0028), b. 01 February 1884 See William Warren HANNEY & Mabel Edithe FREESE OR William Warren HANNEY & Eleanor Rae PAIGE
6. James Cleaves HANNEY (RIN: 0029), b. 21 January 1887 See James Cleaves HANNEY & Catherine JORDAN OR James Cleaves HANNEY & Lola CHAMBERS

Photos for William Hanney JR.:

William & Sarah Hanney, Noel LaDue & Mildred Ogden, ca. 1903

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Notes for William Hanney JR.:

( from conversation and notes from Mary Hanney in 1958)
William Hanney left England in 1861 on his way to California. He stopped in New York for a visit with his sister, Ann (Hanney) Woodley, where he met, and courted Sarah Warren. He continued to San Francisco alone by way of Cape Horn, and finally on to Grand Island, where he took up land adjacent to his brother, James, in what is now Knight's Landing, California. Sarah followed two years later and they were married in Sacramento in 1863. Wiliam built a substantial house for Sarah. It is the oldest house in Knight's Landing and is still in use.

Sources for William Hanney JR.:

  1. Death Certificate for William Hanney, 08954

Photos for Sarah Barrett WARREN:

Sarah Warren Hanney and Daughter Hannah, 1872

Notes for Sarah Barrett WARREN:

**( from conversation and notes from Mary Hanney LaDue in 1958)
Samuel and Mary Warburton of Stockport, Cheshire, England were Sarah's aunt and uncle.
Sarah was eight years old in 1852 when the family, consisting of Sarah, her mother, father grandmother and grandfather, immigrated from England to New York. They travelled on a ship owned by the Graham Shipping Company, cousins of Sarah. Sarah's grandfather died during the crossing and was buried at sea.
Sarah's mother (Sarah Barrett) was pregnant before leaving England, and Sarah's sister, Mary, was born in New York. Sarah's mother died soon after Mary's birth and the two girls were raised by by their aunt, Hannah Barrett Chesworth.
At some time in New York, Sarah met Ann (Hanney) Woodley. In 1861, Ann's brother, William stopped in New York on his way to join his brother James in California. He met, and courted Sarah Warren before continuing West. The Woodleys, and Sarah, made their way to California in 1863 by way of Nicaragua. They gathered in Sacramento where Sarah and William Hanney were married by Rev. Heill in Grace Epsicopal Church on December 28.

Notes for Emma HANNEY: