John Eugene SASS (RIN: 0109) in Gyor, Hungary. He married Frances Ellison WILLIAMS 21 November 1924 in Detroit, Michigan. He died 17 March 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio. Frances Ellison WILLIAMS (RIN: 0095), daughter of Edwin Richard WILLIAMS and Susan Bird ELLISON , was born 11 January 1899 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She died 07 December 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Children of John Eugene SASS and Frances Ellison WILLIAMS are:
1. Jean Frances SASS (RIN: 0110), b. 11 December 1926 See Fabian George MOELLER & Jean Frances SASS
2. David William SASS (RIN: 0111), b. 02 August 1928 See David William SASS & Verna Marie FINES
3. Paul Andrew SASS (RIN: 0112), b. 24 November 1933 See Paul Andrew SASS & Lenore "Sue" HORNSBY

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