Fabian George MOELLER (RIN: 0131), son of Arthur Walter MOELLER and Mary Frances QUINLAN , was born 06 January 1922 in Somers, Iowa. He married Jean Frances SASS 21 December 1946 in Ames, Iowa. Jean Frances SASS (RIN: 0110), daughter of John Eugene SASS and Frances Ellison WILLIAMS , was born 11 December 1926 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Children of Fabian George MOELLER and Jean Frances SASS are:
1. Kathryn Linda MOELLER (RIN: 0132), b. [private] See Joseph M. MANSOUR & Kathryn Linda MOELLER
2. Patrick Dair MOELLER (RIN: 0133), b. [private] See Patrick Dair MOELLER & Sharon TAMM OR Patrick Dair MOELLER & Sue CUNNINGHAM
3. Sandor John MOELLER (RIN: 0134), b. 12 July 1952
4. Kevin Anthony MOELLER (RIN: 0135), b. [private] See Kevin Anthony MOELLER & Sue UNKNOWN OR Kevin Anthony MOELLER & Marcella BROWNING

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