David William SASS (RIN: 0111), son of John Eugene SASS and Frances Ellison WILLIAMS , was born 02 August 1928 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He married Verna Marie FINES 16 September 1948 in Nevada, Iowa. Verna Marie FINES (RIN: 0113) was born 1930.

Children of David William SASS and Verna Marie FINES are:
1. Eugene Raymond SASS (RIN: 0114), b. [private] See Eugene Raymond SASS & Patricia UNKNOWN
2. Bruce D. SASS (RIN: 0115), b. [private] See Bruce D. SASS & Rebecca UNKNOWN
3. Cynthia M. SASS (RIN: 0116), b. [private] See William MCCUMBER & Cynthia M. SASS

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