Joel Barlow RUMSEY (RIN: 0191), son of James Barlow RUMSEY and Mary DALZELL , was born 04 October 1834 in Miami County, Ohio. He married Margaret Irene OGDEN 1879 in Sacramento, Sacramento County, California. He died 18 December 1910 in Woodland, Yolo County, California. Margaret Irene OGDEN (RIN: 0189), daughter of James Madison OGDEN and Catherine Jane OGLE , was born 02 June 1863. She died 01 February 1924 in Woodland, Yolo County, California.

Children of Joel Barlow RUMSEY and Margaret Irene OGDEN are:
1. Mary Jane "Jennie" RUMSEY (RIN: 0192), b. 09 June 1880 See James Arthur GOULD & Mary Jane "Jennie" RUMSEY
2. Lewis Warren RUMSEY (RIN: 0193), b. 24 February 1882
3. James Elmer RUMSEY (RIN: 0212), b. 24 March 1884 See James Elmer RUMSEY & Eleanor Armstrong "Nelly" SHELL
4. Elbert Alvin RUMSEY (RIN: 0213), b. 24 March 1884 See Elbert Alvin RUMSEY & Etta Vivian BLANN
5. Eva E. I. RUMSEY (RIN: 0214), b. 05 April 1894 See Frank PORTER & Eva E. I. RUMSEY OR Herman W. ZIELESCH & Eva E. I. RUMSEY

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Joel Barlow RUMSEY, ca. 1879

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Margaret Irene OGDEN, ca. 1879

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