James Elmer RUMSEY (RIN: 0212), son of Joel Barlow RUMSEY and Margaret Irene OGDEN , was born 24 March 1884 in Woodland, Yolo County, California. He married Eleanor Armstrong "Nelly" SHELL 08 June 1912 in Woodland, Yolo, California. He died 03 December 1967 in Woodland, Yolo County, California. Eleanor Armstrong "Nelly" SHELL (RIN: 0215) was born 28 September 1885. She died 01 August 1971 in Woodland, Yolo, California.

Children of James Elmer RUMSEY and Eleanor Armstrong "Nelly" SHELL are:
1. Richard Warren RUMSEY (RIN: 0216), b. 04 August 1916 See Richard Warren RUMSEY & Helen Elizabeth MEZGER
2. Dorothy Ellen RUMSEY (RIN: 0217), b. 09 July 1920 See Elwin Harmon COVEY & Dorothy Ellen RUMSEY

Photos for James Elmer RUMSEY:

Elmer & Nelly Rumsey, ca. 1912

Notes for James Elmer RUMSEY:

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 L-Z, Ed. 7, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Oct 10, 2002, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Rumsey, James
Social Security #: 561-32-7578
Issued in: California

Birth date: Mar 24, 1884
Death date: Dec 1967

Residence code: California

ZIP Code of last known residence: 95695
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Woodland, California

Notes for Eleanor Armstrong "Nelly" SHELL: