Joseph ZUMWALT (RIN: 0243) was born 15 July 1800 in Boone County, Kentucky. He married Mary OGLE 26 April 1822 in Adams County, Ohio. He died 23 July 1892 in Anderson, Shasta, California. Mary OGLE (RIN: 0242), daughter of William OGLE_SR. and Mary CRESAP , was born 1804 in Adams County, Ohio. She died 02 November 1885 in Anderson, Shasta, California.

Children of Joseph ZUMWALT and Mary OGLE are:
1. Julia Ann ZUMWALT (RIN: 0244), b. 1841
2. Susannah ZUMWALT (RIN: 0245), b. 1839
3. William ZUMWALT (RIN: 0246), b. 1827
4. Emily ZUMWALT (RIN: 0247), b. 1822 See Mathias EIBE & Emily ZUMWALT OR Charles WEST & Emily ZUMWALT
5. Nancy Anne ZUMWALT (RIN: 0248), b. 1825
6. Mary Ann ZUMWALT (RIN: 0249), b. 1824
7. Jacob Willard ZUMWALT (RIN: 0250), b. 1828
8. James Cresap ZUMWALT (RIN: 0251), b. 1830
9. Daniel ZUMWALT (RIN: 0252), b. 11 April 1833 See Daniel ZUMWALT & Nancy MURPHY
10. Alameda ZUMWALT (RIN: 0253), b. 1843
11. John ZUMWALT (RIN: 0254), b. 1837
12. Joseph Oscar ZUMWALT (RIN: 0255), b. 1835 See Joseph Oscar ZUMWALT & Mary MURPHY
13. Jasper ZUMWALT (RIN: 0256), b. 1846
14. Elizabeth ZUMWALT (RIN: 0257), b. 1848

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She, her husband, and young daughter crossed the Great Plains from Joliet, Illinois to Sacramento, California in 1849, with her parents. Known as the "Angel of the Mining Camps" for cooking, washing, and nursing the sick and wounded miners, she died at Rich Bar on the Feather River at the age of twenty-six.

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