Robert Alfred DONOVAN (RIN: 1152), son of Robert Thomas DONOVAN and Elizabeth Anna COLBERT , was born 14 July 1902 in Oakland, California. He married Muriel Frances LANYON 09 May 1923 in Sacramento, California. Muriel Frances LANYON (RIN: 1147), daughter of James LANYON and Rosa CHAMPION , was born 06 August 1902.

Children of Robert Alfred DONOVAN and Muriel Frances LANYON are:
1. Marian Jean DONOVAN (RIN: 1157), b. 07 July 1927 See Edward Raymond HARDIN & Marian Jean DONOVAN
2. Robert Alfred DONOVAN (RIN: 1158), b. 12 October 1929 See Robert Alfred DONOVAN & Nadia Nina SHPIL
3. James Lanyon DONOVAN (RIN: 1159), b. [private]

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