Charles Augustus SMITH (RIN: 1380), son of Lewis SMITH and Mary Jane MILLER , was born 06 October 1868 in Newark, New Jersey. He married Maude Estelle HAWLEY 05 June 1900 in Newark, New Jersey. Maude Estelle HAWLEY (RIN: 1377), daughter of Herbert Ruby HAWLEY and Gertrude (Gertie) Susan LANYON , was born 08 October 1878 in Waterbury, Connecticut. She died 24 October 1948 in Newark, New Jersey (?).

Children of Charles Augustus SMITH and Maude Estelle HAWLEY are:
1. Charles Herbert SMITH (RIN: 1386), b. 09 March 1905 See Charles Herbert SMITH & Anna May SHANKS OR Charles Herbert SMITH & Cora BAKER
2. Gertrude Hawley SMITH (RIN: 1387), b. 13 December 1910 See George Frederick DRAVIS, Jr. & Gertrude Hawley SMITH

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